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We would all agree that pets are wonderful companions and add so much to our lives. Whether we are looking for some relaxation after a hard day’s work or we are looking for company, we always find our furry companions by our side. Besides companionship, they teach us love and care, making us better human beings. Our vision is to strengthen the bond between pets and their parents. We provide end to end solutions for pet owners so that you always have the best information and supplies to look after your pets and pamper them.

Pets add unconditional love to our lives and our website is dedicated to celebrating their contribution. Our management and operation team constitutes passionate pet lovers who have an emotional connect with pets, which rubs off on the way we work. We came together to solve a common problem faced by pet owners – they have to go to different websites and stores for seeking information about pets, researching about their food and then finally placing their order. We have come together to eliminate that friction and make the entire experience a delight for you. Our portal offers comprehensive range of pet products that are delivered to your doorstep. Our logistics team works round the clock to ensure your products are delivered in mint fresh condition with minimal transit time.

Offerings that make us stand out:

There are a multitude of options when it comes to buying pet food and we do not want you to spend hours researching them. We pay attention to the minutest detail to make your buying experience comprehensive and delightful. Here we list out what we do differently to ensure you spend minimal time researching products and waiting for them to get delivered, without ever having to worry about quality.

All Pets covered

We understand pet owners’ choices and we do not distinguish among them. We have supplies for all pets – common and uncommon – so that you would never have to set foot anywhere else when looking for pet replenishment. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and even horse – we are passionate about all pets and take extreme care in picking up quality stocks for all of them. When it comes to a particular pet, we offer a variety of food and toy choices to keep things exciting for your pets.

End to end, customized pet care solutions

Our business is deeply grounded in the love for pets. We understand that as a pet owner, you don’t just need food to look after your pets. Your needs go far beyond that and we have an ongoing commitment to offer you all the information and supplies around pet care. We offer pet care tips that would come in handy and maximize the value that you get out of our products. Our customer friendly team, being a pet passionate bunch that they are, understands that each pet-owner relation is different and needs to be nurtured specifically. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to pet care and we have the passion and knowledge to offer customized pet care solutions that would strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Pet foods apart, we have a collection of toys and accessories that your pets would love to flaunt.

Whether you are looking for tried and tested products or new, innovative ones - you are just a click away from getting them delivered at your doorstep. We constantly improve our pet care catalogue to offer you the choicest selections of contemporary pet supplies.

Top Quality products

Our pets completely depend on us for love and care. Even though we have deep bonds with them, they cannot explicitly tell us how they liked their food. Imagine a situation where they are unintentionally fed a sub-standard product and feel sick. It would take us a long time to read their body language and see possible signs of bad health. You no longer have to worry about this, as we have you covered.

Being pet lovers ourselves, we understand how important quality is when it comes to caring for pets. Our products are meticulously selected by our pet loving staff who go to extreme lengths to include nothing but the best quality pet products in our listings. Once you buy a pet care product from us, you never have to worry about that coat/leash fabric damaging your pet’s skin or sub-standard food leaving it malnourished.

Unmatched prices

This is one aspect where we have disrupted existing pricing models. There are plenty of premium pet shops who sell best quality products but you invariably pay a premium. We are committed to providing top quality pet products to as many pets as possible and the owners share our vision. However, pricing has come out as a major hindrance to it. We have managed to eliminate multiple layers of middlemen and keep the prices affordable to make sure your pets get the best products without inflating your credit card bills – making for a happy pet and happier owner.


We take full cognizance of the fact that all products have a shelf life and most of it should be spent at the customer’s premises, not ours. Our warehouses are constantly monitored to filter out old stock. Your order is shipped right from our warehouses, ensuring you get nothing but fresh, top – quality product in minimal transit time. Depending on what time you place your order, we can get it delivered at your doorstep within a few hours!

Customer Support

We also understand your apprehensions before buying a product, which is why our customer service representatives are always at your service to patiently hear out your queries and address them to your complete satisfaction. Available round the clock through multiple channels, our customer service desk provides you the most up to date information about feeding and accessorizing your pets through your entire purchase cycle. Our returns process is completely hassle-free, should you not be happy with the product. Hence, right from the time you enquire about a product till the time you finish using it, our dedicated customer support team ensures you are not only a satisfied customer but a delighted one!