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  1. Cats: Best friends with personality.

    Are you thinking of bringing home a new pet? Even if you are a dog person, cats could be a great option for you. Not a bad idea, right? If you are still not convinced, here are some reason we think cats are awesome:

    1. Cats are independent, but also can be clingy: Cats are known to have independent personalities but watch out as they need a lot of attention and care as well. If you are thinking of a cat as a pet, you need to consider that at least one hour daily of your time must be shared with your new friend. Simply put, cats need and enjoy companionship, to be held, attention, love, etc.

    2. Cats don’t require big spaces to live: If you live in an apartment or a small house without backyard, but you still want to have a pet, a cat could be the answer since they don’t need a lot of space or to go outside as much as a dog. In fact, it’s better when they stay indoors often for several reasons we will not touch upon here. They just need a little box -- their litter box or cat bathroom -- and then a little space for water and food. And of course, a little space on your couch to be near you.

    3. Cats don’t need to go out every day: Cats are the perfect pets in the sense they can be quite in front of the television. If you want to enjoy the company of a pet, but you are not the kind of person that enjoys outdoor activities, dogs definitively are not an option. However, a cat might be a better option since they may enjoy more than you the calm and coziness of sitting in front of the television. But, of course, they enjoy more than anything when someone pets them.


    4. Cats are not just pets for women: Did you know that the number of pet cats in the country has risen by 500,000 to reach eight million as of the end of 2017? Research by the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association says the rises in recent years have been driven by more men deciding on a feline friend as a pet instead of just a dog.


    A lot of people are changing their opinion about cats because as cat owner Sam Sahota said, “cats do not need the attention a dog requires, but when it gives you attention it’s not false. Cats select who they want to be with."


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  2. Traveling with our best friend

    Now that spring break is so near, it's a good time to start planning a trip with your best friend, man's best friend: our doggy.

    I remember the most wonderful times spent with my family were during a road trip. So, now I love to repeat the experience with my family, and of course including our pet.

    I would like to talk about one of the favorite things dogs like to do when they are in a car: put their heads out the window.

    Have you ever wondered why they enjoy that so much? Many of us thought that maybe it was because they like to feel the wind on their heads, while others of us thought that maybe it’s just fun. But, the truth is that dogs really enjoy the different smells that they perceive by putting their head out the window.

    To understand this, we need to remember that dogs have 225 million olfactory receptors while humans just have 5 million. So, imagine the whole world they smell when they put their heads out the window. Now, that sounds reasonable, right?

    But, be careful! Because for them it's an incredible fun activity but they can hurt themselves. Any flying object or particle could cause damage to their ears or eyes.

    For this reason and others, it's better that our best friend uses a seat belt! Yes, like us, because he or she needs to be just as safe as we are.

    In our travel section you can find a lot of the best products and travel design including maybe just a harness to adjust to the seat or maybe a vehicle carrier if you have a large dog.

    I hope you enjoy this important tip and see you on the trip!

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  3. Dog care tips

    Being a pet owner is a proud moment and the beginning of an everlasting relationship. It gives you companionship, makes you responsible and improves you as a person every day. In this post, we talk about new dog owners who have all the love to give to their loyal friend but lack the experience to know how to go about it. Even if you have had your dog for a while, we are sure you’ll be able to pick out some useful piece from these tips:

    1. Regularly veterinarian checks and vaccinations: This is one of the first things you should do. Even though you are not going to enjoy seeing your pet in pain, it is for your combined good. It will keep your dog healthy and neutering would help control overpopulation. Remember that you would be spending a lot of time in close contact with your pet so vaccination is an absolute must.
    2. Nutrition: All living beings need a balanced diet and fresh water. A dog is no different. If you are a new pet owner, we strongly recommend consulting a dietician and work out a feeding plan. Different dogs have varied nutrient requirements that change with age and diet has to be adjusted accordingly.
    3. Companionship: It is a mutual requirement between you and your dog. Even if you had a hard day at work, your dog’s company will relax you and it will also make the dog feel loved. Your dog should spend most of its time getting to know the new family members and bond with it – not being left outside to fend for itself.
    4. Regular exercise: Physical exercise keeps all of us in top shape and dogs are no exception. Playing with your dog regularly has multifold benefits. To start with, it provides exercise to its muscles and improves its general sense of well-being. Taking your dog out for a walk twice a day provides it sufficient exercise and gives you more time together to forge a deep relationship. Keep in mind that you do not want to go overboard with the exercise regime – you want to strike that fine balance between the two extremes – exhaustion and laziness. If you have any doubt at any stage, take it to a vet for expert advice.
    5. Keep it on a leash: Whether you are taking your dog out for a walk or it is resting in the yard, keep it on a leash. Keep in mind that they can get snappy in certain situations and your neighbors may not necessarily be pet lovers. It is in the best interests of the dog and community.
    6. Identification and licensing: When you put a collar around your dog, attach a label that contains your name, address and contact number. There’s always a chance of the dog getting separated from you and having these details greatly improves his chances of being returned safely. A microchip based ID is an added layer of security, in case the collar label came off. Follow your local licensing authority’s guidelines to adhere to legal requirements and you’re all set to have a great time with your pet!
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